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Booking a Reading


My Tarot readings are conducted by email, providing you with a written record of spiritual guidance for you to refer to time and again. Booking can be done through this website or my Etsy Shop.

Tarot Counseling Readings via this Website


Readings through my website focus on spiritual counseling--they are especially detailed and include generous post-reading email follow-up. (If your question is an update to any previous readings we have done together, I will also be reviewing those prior to the new reading). To book this reading, simply email me. We will discuss precisely what you hope to discover through Tarot.


The fee is $120, which will be invoiced through PayPal after we have confirmed your booking. 


I typically draw 12 to 24 Tarot cards (or more) dependent upon your question. I also perform meditative sessions, consult oracle cards and do intensive study of numbers patterns and narratives in the cards. My intention is to thoroughly examine all angles of your situation utilizing the breadth and scope of my psychic gifts. My written interpretations are detailed and lengthy--you can expect 3,500 to 6,000 words on average. Great personal attention is paid to every client.

Please allow 72 hours for me to deliver my interpretation to you. The reading will be a PDF file which can be downloaded, printed, or viewed online. You are welcome to email me to discuss your reading in detail if you wish to further clarify the message contained within. 


via my Etsy shop


The PLUM TAROT Etsy shop offers a variety of specialty readings on Life, Love, Spirit, Family/Children, Business, Shadow work, Dream Analysis, Mediumship, etc., at various fee levels. Please visit my shop to view these options and book through the Etsy platform.


Ethics  &  Privacy


I interpret the cards without bias. I do not offer financial or legal advice, or medical diagnoses. I do not discriminate against anyone due to their religion, nationality, gender, race, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. You are free to be you.


Any personal information you share with me is private. I will not share your reading with anyone other than you. Excerpted readings shown on this website are done with permission of the client and are always fully-anonymized. 

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