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....some heartfelt words about PLUM TAROT from

our cherished Clients, old and new.....


In all my years, I've never had such an in-depth reading. This didn't just answer my question, it delved deeply into the past, present and potential future. Your reading was incredible in more ways than I could explain.


Mrs. Plum uncovered the addiction I have been hiding for many years. I have had so much shame about this for so long. She showed me there are voices around me crying out for my recovery and a great future is waiting. God bless you, Mrs. Plum.


I don't know how you've done it but you have picked up on our murky, dark family secrets in this reading! I have always wondered if my legendary great-grandma was happy with her choices and I really feel this reading lets me see into her heart.


At points in the reading I became so speechless because all of what you have written is extremely insightful and, most of all, true! I cannot find words to describe how amazing this reading was. Your style is the most unique I have come across. I thank you deeply..


My mind is blown. The reader did not just answer my questions, she dissected the messages so well that someone who has very little knowledge of tarot, like myself, was able to comprehend the messages fully. The reading gave me assurance and clarity.


No way would I have discovered the meaning of this dream on my own. As I was reading, it was like my mind said a bit AH HA! You set the pieces of this dream on the table like a big puzzle and put them back together in a way that made total sense.


I have had several tarot card readings from Mrs. Plum. She is the real deal. Through the cards she has been consistently able to offer insights into my business that have been remarkably accurate and timely. I highly recommend her.


What really impressed me was the focus you kept throughout this reading. There were so many cards and you kept taking it back to the core topic in a really masterful way. I could also feel your own parent energy coming through!


The accuracy, depth and storytelling of Mrs. Plum's Tarot card readings keeps me coming back. I am a business owner and entrepreneur and if I had the budget, Mrs. Plum would be working full-time on my staff, so helpful is the insight she provides to me about my company strategizing.


I cried when I received this reading. It hit home for me. I saw what I truly needed to seek and change about myself and my expectations. It was the most beautiful and perfect reading I could imagine. Thank you so much! You seriously have changed my life.


You are amazing! I didn't even know people could do Tarot in this way! There must be 3,000 or more words here, totally did not expect such detail. You are a true master of this.


By far, this is the best tarot reading I have ever received. The effort is greatly appreciated. I felt like I was looking over your shoulder as I read all of your words, all explained with expert clarity, I will add. Well done and spot on.


I am now your number one fan, Mrs. Plum. You are making Tarot fun for me in ways no one else has done. I want to learn more and more.


I have had the incredible experience of having a reading with Sissel (Mrs. Plum's spirit guide). She has revealed my dark side that I know all too well. I need to examine it and act to better myself. And I will. Sissel rocks!


The message inside this reading is so authentic, a strong call to take action. I am thrilled to have Sissel to talk to! And the way you personalized this reading is so rare to find these days.


Thank you, Mrs. Plum, I had so much fun reading your dream interpretation. It was like sitting with a good friend who cares deeply about my life and who really wants to help out. I love how you explained the cards to make me understand the layers of meaning.

Michael S.

I had a sticky situation and I was just curious to see what a tarot card reader would say about it. I can't believe the breadth and depth of what I received from Mrs. Plum about the things she saw in one card.


Can I give you more than five stars, Mrs. Plum? You have gone above and way, way beyond with this reading. You are a very special reader and I will 100% be back for more from you!


Mrs. Plum provided answers to things that have been blocking my emotional connection with my partner. I have been very lost in dark and negative emotions lately and her reading was a call to let them go. It was not just a simple answer, it provided details with solutions and possible outcomes.


Wow, wow, wow--this is one of the best readings I ever had! It gave me hope and reassurance that no matter what road I take, I will in the end get to my destination. Honest, positive reading, very long and detailed.


I give Mrs. Plum the highest praise as I rely on her regularly for personal and business advice. Most helpful to me is her ability to profile clients and their intentions. This is invaluable to business negotiations and networking.

Michael T.

I requested a genealogy reading about a mysterious great aunt. Mrs. Plum said the cards revealed deep regret over a child. This aunt was childless. Mrs. Plum recommended I do further research. When we looked in alternate places we found a birth certificate for a child we never knew my aunt had given birth to, given up for adoption. This is frankly amazing.


Dear Mrs. Plum, you did more than answer all of my questions, you made me see all the choices and potential around me. You make me feel anything is possible. I love your approach to Tarot and life itself.


I love the level of care taken to describe the different dimensions of my relationship. I am really stunned by the accuracy and magic of this reading. Also your presentation is beyond professional.


As you know, I spent more than a year invested with this man online. I knew I wasn't getting the whole story. What the cards reveal are so true, unfortunately. You have saved me further grief.

Donna O.

Just wow. Not only is this reading outstanding in how it reaches into who I am as a Tarot reader myself, it is also like consuming an advanced Tarot textbook.


I appreciate all the differing views and possibilities you showed me. You write very well with a lot of wisdom and life experience. I felt a great amount of authenticity and concern from you.

Island Girl

Mrs. Plum, thank you for everything. You have truly seen the mountain of mayhem going on in my life and saw right away the psychic journey I am traveling now. You took some fierce cards and showed me the transformational aspect of them.


You gave me so much insight and brought out things I didn't necessarily think about that could affect my situation. Detail and more detail, you gave more and then some. In all honesty, this is the best reading I've ever had!

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