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with Mrs.Plum

Find your individual reading style, connect with your intuitive Self, and learn to align your psychic flow through private instruction in the art of Tarot. 


Tarot is a mirror of ourselves, and the key to interpreting the cards with fluidity is by first understanding what they mean to us personally. With 48 years of Tarot reading experience in this lifetime, I have a grand passion for this art and I love sharing my knowledge with others. My goal is to take what seems like a complex subject and demonstrate to you its inherent simplicity.


Having a strong foundation in understanding the numerological and elemental meanings of the 78-card deck is what I prioritize in teaching. Journaling, reading exchanges and critiques, creating personal spreads, and initiating a detailed Tarot vocabulary from the very start of study—this will be the garden from which you grow self-knowledge, intuition and clarity in guiding others.


Instruction is conducted via live Zoom meetups. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner trying to figure out where to start--or if you already have some Tarot experience and are now wishing to dip into serious study--I am here to help you on your journey.

2024 Instruction


Focusing on a specific area of choice in your personal Tarot study.



A detailed one-on-one Tarot reading walkthrough to study foundation, patterns, narratives in the cards. Lecture and Q&A. 90-minute session.



Two months of study and advice in all aspects of Tarot reading. Includes five (5) individual 2-hour Zoom study sessions and weekly check-in support during this time.


Email with questions or to schedule a time.
Study sessions are casual, and geared specifically to your personalized needs. Zoom session times are highly flexible to meet your scheduling needs.
Message to discuss mentorship.

Tarot Study Groups


(2024 Schedule)

This casual Zoom meet-up happens once a month to chat about anything related to Tarot. Come prepared to share what's on your mind or get advice/support with a group of others looking for their Tarot 'tribe'. All levels welcome. You do not have to stay for all three hours!


Limited to 12 participants

Meeting the first Saturday of each month  -  5-8pm PST

(Email directly to receive a Zoom invitation)


(2024 Schedule)

In this Zoom meet-up we analyze particularly interesting Tarot readings to learn how to better navigate complex multi-card spreads with on-point narrative. All levels are welcome, but the content is best suited for those with an interest in advanced study. This is a lecture presentation with Question & Answer session.

Admittance Fee  -  $30

Limited to 6 participants

Meeting the third Saturday of each month  -  5-8pm PST

(Email directly for info or to register)

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