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For those of you new to Plum Tarot, here is some information about Mrs. Plum, readings, lessons, and more......





I have been reading Tarot since 1976. I am, foremost, a psychic medium. A reading with me also involves the collaboration and channeling of my personal spiritual guide, Sissel 1846. Over the course of 48 years, through my partnership with Sissel I have attained an individualized understanding of a special vocabulary between us--in addition to my own knowledge of Tarot foundations.


My Tarot approach is based on deep knowledge of its esoteric numerology/elemental structure, archetypal symbolism, and its connection to Hermetic philosophy—I believe the unseen world around us can be understood in this way. It is an experience of supernatural, metaphysical, scientific, cosmically-oriented origin—a mish-mash of the unexplained--and more.


I am comfortable doing any type of reading about any topic. My readings can be limited to a single card (for which I am capable of giving you a 4,000 word reading, if that is what flows!) to utilizing the entire 78-card deck, tableau style. I consider Tarot an art, and I approach it as an artist.







Here are some areas in which Tarot can be helpful….


When you are experiencing personal struggles, Tarot is a tool for identifying and defining energies within that both consciously and unconsciously influence your life. What we see in the cards can help confirm your own feelings or intuitions, sort them out, and inspire you to take action in a manner that will lead to positive outcomes. 


When relationships are in conflict, Tarot can help you understand these relationships by revealing their underlying dynamics. By analyzing what is seen in the cards, we can determine where communication, action, or release is needed to help bring you alignment or reconciliation. 


If you are feeling lost in the spiritual sense, Tarot is useful to find clarity of a particular path. For example, identifying compatible energy related to career/vocation, a potential romantic/life partner, or just finding a way out of a life circumstance or relationship that is stagnant.


If you have decisions to make and options to consider, Tarot can provide meaningful insight about them—pros/cons, glimpses of possible future trajectories or consequences.


If you are interested in the future, Tarot can help establish your present spiritual energy and offer a glimpse of where it could be heading. By defining what this is, it gives you awareness and proactive advice on how to to shift or change a potential outcome.


If you still struggle with the past, Tarot can reach into your memories and experiences and speak of notable things to examine, helping you release the things which burden you.

Mediumship readings with departed loved ones can help you receive messages from them, find closure in their passing, or uncover family mysteries of your ancestors.

Proxy spirit guidance sessions can identify your own personal spiritual guide(s) and deliver to you the messages and advice they have for you, as well as help you learn how to communicate with them directly.







Tarot can be used to examine future trajectories; we can ask the cards to show us where a present-time energy flow appears to be heading. Yet just by identifying a possibility, this can make you focus on changing it. We can also examine how future trajectories may change by taking certain actions; this is useful when you have a decision to make or many options to consider. The truth is, no one can ever know for sure, can they? What I have experienced, however, is that Tarot can very accurately predict the future.


If asked for forecasts of ‘when’ something will occur, I prefer to examine this in the context of time/space—meaning, that ‘something’ is mostly likely to manifest during a time period when you are immersed within a specific type of spiritual or physical world energy. By defining the type of energy that promotes the occurrence you wish to happen, this allows you to actively attempt to create that energy in your life whenever you want. As abstract as this sounds, I find it is far more effective and empowering than passively waiting for something to manifest on its own.







A Shadow reading looks directly into the negative polarities of energy you are generating, some which hide within your unconscious. By interpreting what the cards tell us, we have an idea of what is affecting your life and probably the lives of people close to you. By understanding these energies, you can work to control or eradicate them.


In this type of reading, you can expect a description of negative energies as they relate to your personality and behaviors. Usually a Shadow reading reveals the manner in which you limit yourself through your actions and attitudes, and/or how you are affecting others. These could be minor issues, or they could be more serious, or a combination of both. Despite anticipating a glimpse into your ‘inner darkness', it can be quite jarring to be confronted by these things. It’s important you realize that a Shadow reading isn’t a personal attack upon you. Before booking such a reading, make sure you really do want to examine this side of yourself.







For online clients, I provide written Tarot readings these days. Every reading is individualized to your specific needs.


I conduct your reading in my studio, and I type my interpretation of your cards on a PDF document, as they are drawn. Depending upon the complexity of the reading you have booked, I typically spend 1 to 4 hours interpreting it—this is because every word is written on the spot, as if you were sitting there with me. I am not only looking at the cards, but recording my psychic reactions about your situation during the reading, and analyzing patterns and narratives seen throughout. My readings tend to run several thousands of words.


Usually, I have a reading completed on the same day it is booked, but I prefer to have a 3-day window in case of busy days. I welcome questions about the reading and offer follow-up if you need clarification of anything.

I archive all my psychic readings, so you can return years later and I will have your reading, still. Even if you booked a reading with me years ago, in-person, I will still have notes available, summarizing what was discussed.







My Tarot readings reveal spiritual energies around YOU and offer guidance based upon the positive or negative aspects we uncover, so you have awareness to help shift your life trajectory as you desire. Therefore, I will conduct readings on any subject or circumstances that are connected to your life or have had some direct effect upon you—personally. I will do readings examining the energies of other people who have a connection to your life.


In my readings, I may offer spiritually-based conjecture, but I will not give direct advice related to…


  • how to spend your money

  • medical diagnoses

  • mental health counseling

  • legal issues





You can book a Tarot reading directly by emailing via my website. I charge a flat fee for a reading that includes extensive follow-up, as well as review of any other related past readings we have done together. I prefer this for clients who have complex questions or who are looking for ongoing spiritual counseling. Payment is invoiced through PayPal. See my Tarot Reading page for more info.


I also book readings through Etsy. There are a variety of listings in my Etsy shop, in different categories and fee tiers to choose from. You can select one that seems to fit your circumstances, or you can simply book from the ‘All Questions’ category. Click here to visit.





I offer private Tarot instruction for all levels. My approach is scholarly and detailed. I do not have booklets or cheatsheets that will give you immediate knowledge of how to interpret the cards. Instead, I will introduce you to old world foundations in Tarot through personal demonstrations, analytical lectures and discussion to give you an underlying structure of the cards that you  must learn to put into practice yourself. You will have to work, hard, on your own as well.


I promote hands-on practice by walking you through Tarot readings, and addressing areas which especially challenge you. I can speak to you about many related things--achieving spiritual connection/communication, your psychic/intuitive abilities. I can offer guidance about going professional, setting up your business practices and related routines. I seek always to help you find YOUR voice, and not rely on mine. It’s important for a student of mine to be actively practicing Tarot. I want you to be successful in your self-study, not just when I am looking over your shoulder.


Message me to let me know your needs. I am happy to do a no-charge introductory meeting on Zoom to discuss things. Rates and options for Tarot instruction are shown on my website by clicking here.


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