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Tarot Instruction

Spiritual Counseling


I am Mrs. Plum. I am so pleased you have found your way to my little corner of the world. I offer Tarot readings  through this website and my Etsy Shop. I also conduct private instruction in the art of Tarot interpretation via Zoom link and host Study Groups for independent students of Tarot.



You may be seeking Tarot consultation because you have an important concern and are seeking answers; Tarot can indeed reveal angles and offer solutions which may be hidden from you otherwise. It brazenly confronts us with both our strengths and weaknesses, while soothing the most stinging observations with compassionate advice. Tarot nudges us towards earthly and spiritual fulfillment; it reminds us that eradicating the obstacles to happiness requires recognizing them.


I am a reader of substance and sensitivity, with over 48 years of experience, comfortable addressing a vast array of topics in my readings with no judgement or bias. I want to provide you with deep things to ponder, with positive actions to take, warnings to consider, and knowledge that will benefit your life.


My Tarot Readings page will tell you how to book an appointment. I welcome repeat clients and invite you to consider me a trusted confidante. 

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