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Spiritual Gender Expression


In Tarot in the 2020’s we see an increasing number of clients requesting readings to sort out conflicts related to biological gender or gender expression within romantic/marital partnerships.


There is a great deal of discussion these days of the spiritual interpretation of gender principles. In the Hermetic treatise, ’The Kybalion’, one of the seven laws of the universe reads—Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes. Arguments ensue, primarily related to the idea that this statement is built upon old world attitudes about gender. That being said, this statement in ‘The Kybalion’ does refer to expression of passive/active or receptive/influential energy. It is not specifically about biological sex, but it does directly relate to both biological sex as well as human behavior. (You can read about the seven laws in 'The Kybalion' here).


Conflicts of physical/spiritual gender are normal to the human condition; these conflicts originate when the principles of masculine/feminine energy in one's life are in a disruptive state. In recent years, we have seen a rising number of human beings declare that they do not ‘belong’ in their biological bodies and they feel compelled to disassociate from it, or surgically remove the physical markers of their sex. We also see far more issues of disharmony in male/female relationship dynamics—these have always been present, but in the past decade we are apt to see extreme examples of this (for reasons which may relate to societal shifts). Relationship issues include an unwillingness to embrace one’s biological gender expression, or a person not realizing their innate masculine/feminine energy is in a condition of serious imbalance.


What are the remedies—spiritually-speaking—to address these types of conflicts?


In Tarot or in other forms of psychic counseling, guidance from the spiritual realm for conflicts of gender expression is straightforward. My observation is that spirit entities do adhere to Hermetic definitions of gender principles--in nearly 50 years of conducting such readings, I have not seen any deviation at all. Remedial advice is, frankly, black-and-white in its bluntness, and certainly suggests that a spiritual rule or energetic law is in effect. Simply, mediumship queries receive advice to return to equitable disbursement of gender energy/expression within oneself or within the conflicted partnership to correct any disharmony. This includes recognition of the complementary relationship of masculine/feminine principles and acceptance of its physical world reality.

Regarding demonstrated fluidity of gender identity there is typically no spiritual concern--but the action (or the desire) to change one's physical sex markers carries strong warnings of great risk and irretrievable destruction. We are reminded by spirit entities that we are human beings possessing equal elements of masculine/feminine. We are a holistic manifestation of both and are inherently free to ‘be’ who we are--there is no need to physically change our bodies--and in Tarot, disassociation from one’s biological sex as an attempt to correct self-perceived imbalances in this area is apt to show up in extraordinarily distressing cards in negative polarities. The spirit entity always recommends acceptance of one’s physical body reality, and reconciliation of one’s innate masculine/feminine energies.

Regarding heterosexual or homosexual relationships, harmonized gender expression between a couple is key to a satisfying union. Psychic readings for homosexual partners deviate notably into conflicted energy when the desire to procreate is at play, but can find positive balance otherwise. Relationships with more than two individuals are never balanced evenly, and conflict of some kind is inevitable (a topic for another blog post!). In Tarot, spirit entities suggest an equitable disbursal of masculine/feminine energy in a partnership—that this energy be allowed to wax and wane and shift between the two. Particularly in the King/Queen Court cards of the Minor Arcana, we can see the relationship dynamics play out—conflicted masculine energy in a male can be seen in the polarities of negative Kings or positive Queens. Females in conflict of their feminine expression are likely to draw positive Kings or negative Queens. This is true even if a man is typically ‘feminine’ or a woman is typically ‘masculine’ in their personality traits. There are many cards in Tarot which can represent spiritual gender expression, but when the King and Queen cards appear at odds when we seek to contextually define a romantic/marital relationship between two people, this is notable as it suggests disembodiment related to gender energy is immediately evident, and attention to this should be given.


Tarot’s ability to examine gender dynamics is especially useful as its archetypal images, number patterns and elements can obviously convey the presence of spiritual chaos or lesser disruptions, and offer clear remedies to begin healing in these areas. It is, however, something I personally consider a ‘speciality’ area of spiritual counseling—depth of study and experience is necessary to ‘see’ the messages within the cards, particularly in identifying negative/positive polarities correctly. 


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